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Booker•Lowe Gallery - Contemporary aboriginal fine art of Australia - Now showing

Saturday, 5 December 2009 - 21 January 2010

Uncrated V

New works from recent visits with Australian Aboriginal Artists

Open House with Holiday Treats:       11 am 5:30 pm
                                                             Saturday, 5 December

Just in time for the holidays, we're uncrating new Australian Aboriginal art from our July-August trip Down Under!

We're featuring colorful Central Desert paintings, hand-carved mimih spirits from Arnhem Land, framed paintings on paper from Western Arnhem Land, and fine art prints from north Queensland's Torres Strait Islands, along with our ever-changing collection of Aboriginal paintings and prints. We have quite a number of affordable new artworks in the $185.oo to $950.oo range, as well as highly-collectible paintings and prints from leading Aboriginal artists.

We're also offering new books, Susan McCullough's latest and lavishly-illustrated edition of Contemporary Aboriginal Art and Wally Caruan's terrific introductory text, Aboriginal Art.

Our paintings from Ngurratjuta combine colors and traditional patterns and stories, often with "bush tucker" themes. These paintings are small enough to tuck into narrow areas or kitchens!

The carvings of mimih spirits are always tall, painted in natural ochres in traditional Maningrida cross-hatch patterns. They are guaranteed to bring a smile!

The artists of Injalak are well-known for their paintings in natural pigments on paper. The paintings are inhabited with mimihs, yawk yawks (water spirits somewhat like mermaids), fish, crocodiles, turtles and other coastal wild life.

Dennis Nona and other print makers from the Torres Strait Islands have earned world acclaim for their linocuts and etchings, and we're pleased to have some of their latest works.

We have also added to our collection of fine Aboriginal paintings, including works by many artists who have never before shown outside Australia!

Susan McCullough, in Contemporary Aboriginal Art:

"The revitalization of Australian Aboriginal art has been one of the great success stories of modern art. . . . The first director of the Aboriginal Arts Board of the Australia Council and former museum director, Robert Edwards, [described it] as the 'greatest flowering of art probably anywhere, anytime.'"

Our Next Exhibition:    The Waringarri Suite:
                                     The first American exhibition of limited
                                     edition hand-printedetchings from
                                     Waringarri's leading and emerging
                                     21 January 24 March 2010

Always at Booker-Lowe . . .

Pippin Drysdale's Porcelains Arrive at the Australian Embassy in Washington DC

Booker-Lowe is proud to represent acclaimed Australian ceramist, Pip Drysdale, in the US, and shows her work on a regular basis. Pip has won countless awards, and has had important solo exhibitions in Japan, Germany, Belgium, France, India, Hong Kong, London, New Zealand, Russia, and throughout Australia.

The Australian Embassy in Washington DC, in conjunction with Booker-Lowe Gallery, will host Pip's first major US exhibition 10 February 2 April 2010, and will showcase more than 200 stunning vessels and closed forms arranged in elegant tablescapes. Booker-Lowe will then bring part of the Embassy exhibition to Houston in late spring 2010.

Stay tuned to our website, or check out the new and exclusive website,, for images of the Embassy's exhibition and more information about Pip's Tanami Desert series, availability of works for purchase, etc.

Nana Booker
Honorary Consul of Australia

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