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Dear Friends,

Like so many art galleries around the world –

and Aboriginal art centres in Australia – we have been deliberating

about the best ways to ensure the safety of our gallery visitors and our staff.


So, beginning Saturday, March 21st,

the gallery will be

open only-by-appointment,

until further notice.


We will appreciate your contacting us via email at

if you are interested in scheduling an appointment. 

You may also leave us a message at 713.880.1541,

and we will respond as quickly as we can.


At times like these, we are reminded that

Aboriginal people represent the world’s oldest living culture,

that they have survived cataclysmic changes for millennia,

and that they create beautiful and timeless reminders

of the power of the human spirit. 

May we all draw strength from their stories.


We wish you good health, courage and hope,

during this challenging time – and look forward to seeing you

when the time is right!

Nana  and  David

* * *


Well-known critic Robert Hughes called Australian Aboriginal art "the last great art movement of the twentieth century." Thankfully, this art movement continues to flourish in the twenty-first!

Founded in 2002, Booker-Lowe is one of a handful of American art galleries showcasing Australia's internationally-acclaimed indigenous art. The gallery offers its individual clients, interior designers and architects, and corporations and institutions quality original artworks, whether for the bedroom or the board room.

Booker-Lowe Gallery offers:

  • Master paintings by leading artists from the Central and Western deserts, the Kimberleys, Lockhart River and the Cape York Peninsula [Booker-Lowe is the exclusive American rep for Lockhart River]
  • Highly-collectible and affordable paintings by emerging artists
  • Carvings and works on paper from Arnhem Land and the Tiwi Islands of northern Australia
  • Fine art prints by indigenous artists from mainland Australia and the Torres Strait Islands
  • Personalized worldwide searches for works by select artists and coordination of commissions of artwork for our clients
  • Original artworks priced from under $300, all selected for their value (at Booker-Lowe, quality + price = value!)


  • By appointment
  • Please call 713.880.1541 or email us at



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