The Australian Indigenous Art Trade Association

Indigenous Art Code



Aboriginal art is as varied as that of any art movement.
While it is based on ancient beliefs and patterns, each
artist reinterprets culture in a new way--using media
ranging from traditional natural pigments or modern
acrylics on cotton canvas or fine linen, hollow logs or
flattened bark, or dyes on textiles, inks on paper,
images on film and more.

While Booker-Lowe operates a bit differently now,
we maintain our basic traditions, too. We still source
artworks from regional Aboriginal art centres, from
leading galleries in Australia, and from trusted private
dealers. Occasionally, we work with private collectors
who are ready to part with some of their treasures.
Always, we are committed to the principles of Art-Trade,
and the Australian Indigenous Art Code of Ethics.
Booker-Lowe was the first non-Australian gallery
accepted for membership, and we remain committed
to the Code.

If there is a particular artist whose work interests you,
please contact us. We might have, or know exactly where
to locate, the perfect piece for you! If you are exploring
indigenous art for the first time, we're happy to provide
you with some guidelines and suggest source materials.


Bobbie Leigh, Art and Antiques, October 2004:
“The paintings of top tier Aboriginal artists take pride of place and can sell for six figures...
Anyone who loves Matisse’s saturated color fields or Helen Frankenthaler’s pulsating energy
will recognize similar talents among Aboriginal artists such as Kathleen Petyarre
or Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri.”




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