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Please join us for the opening of

"The Call of Country: New Paintings by

Australian Aboriginal Artists of Ampilatwatja"

3-5:30 pm, Saturday, May 13th


"The Call of Country" welcomes new paintings from Ampilatwatja, home of Anmatyerre and Alyawarr artists who create the most beautiful landscapes of their traditional country northeast of Alice Springs. Known for their exquisite and finely-dotted paintings, covered with wildflowers, the women of Ampilatwatja have chosen to paint their ancestral lands, rather than their tribal stories. We have shown paintings from this remote community ever since we first visited in 2004, and we continue to marvel at the amazing artists who live and work there.


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Booker-Lowe is the leading American gallery for contemporary Aboriginal fine art from throughout Australia. The gallery is open by appointment and for special events. We stock hundreds of paintings and original prints from under $300 to $35,000, and often source Aboriginal artworks for those with special interests or requirements.





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