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Power of Place will continue through July 7th.

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In the meantime, you might be interested in these upcoming exhibitions . . .


The Phillips Collection presents

Marking the Infinite: Contemporary Women Artists

from Aboriginal Australia

Opens Saturday, June 2nd through Sunday, September 9th, 2018 

Located in Washington DC, The Phillips Collection is considered America’s first museum of modern art. Marking the Infinite will spotlight nine leading Aboriginal Australian women artists. “The artists are from remote Aboriginal communities across Australia, and the subjects of their art are broad, yet each work is an attempt to grapple with fundamental questions of existence, asking us to slow down and pay attention to the natural world. These are marks made upon an ‘ancient endless infinity,’ revealing humanity’s insignificance against the steady movement of time and the cosmos.”

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The Blanton Museum of Art presents

Ancestral Modern: Australian Aboriginal Art

from the Kaplan & Levi Collection

Opens Sunday, June 3rd through Sunday, September 9th, 2018

The Blanton Museum of Art, located in Austin, Texas, will feature a special collection of Australian aboriginal art owned by Margaret Levi and Robert Kaplan. “Ancestral Modern: Australian Aboriginal Art from the Kaplan & Levi Collection features contemporary painting and sculpture by Australian Aboriginal artists. Curated by Pamela McClusky, Curator of African and Oceanic Art at the Seattle Art Museum, the exhibition celebrates the renaissance that has occurred since the 1970s within the millennia-old traditions of indigenous Australian art.”

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Booker-Lowe is the leading American gallery for contemporary Aboriginal fine art from throughout Australia. The gallery is open by appointment and for special events. We stock hundreds of paintings and original prints from under $300 to $35,000, and often source Aboriginal artworks for those with special interests or requirements.





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