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Aboriginal Paintings from East to West


The gallery is currently showing paintings by emerging artists and master painters from throughout Australia, from Lockhart River on the northeast coast to the Pilbara in the southwest, and the Kimberleys in the northwest. Despite their different styles and techniques, all reflect the close connections   the artists have with their ancestral countries, their close-knit language groups, and their ancient tribal traditions. 


Melange includes big, bold abstracts and paintings marked with age-old pattern, as well as a wide variety of small-to-mid-sized jewels that capture the colors, the stories and landscapes of Australia's Aboriginal territories.


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Now Showing through June 30th, 2017 . . .




Booker-Lowe invites you to visit ”Guardians of the Sunda Strait:  The World War II loss of the HMAS Perth and the USS Houston,” the Australian National Maritime Museum’s  exhibition honoring the 75th anniversary of the battle that helped foster the close relationship between our sister cities, Houston and Perth, and exemplifies the almost century-old alliance between the US and Australia.  The exhibition, initiated four+ years ago by then-Honorary Consul of Australia, Nana Booker AM, uses 55 objects, documents, and photographs to tell the story of the “David and Goliath” battle at sea.  Just a few months after Pearl Harbor, on the night of February 28th, the two ships sailed into the narrow sea passage between the islands of Java and Sumatra, hoping to rejoin the Allied Fleet.  Instead, they were attacked by a massive Japanese destroyer force and sunk in just a few hours.  More than half the sailors aboard each ship were killed in action that night.  The survivors were sent to Japanese POW camps, many of them forced to work on the “death railway” to Burma.  The POWs developed great respect and close friendships with their “mates” in the camps, friendships that outlasted the war and were instrumental in the formation of the now-35+ year-old Houston-Perth Sister City Association. 


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Booker-Lowe is the leading American gallery for contemporary Aboriginal fine art from throughout Australia. The gallery is open by appointment and for special events. We stock hundreds of paintings and original prints from under $300 to $35,000, and often source Aboriginal artworks for those with special interests or requirements.




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