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While so many of us are still staying close to home rather than venturing out even to neighborhood restaurants, let alone other parts of the world, we are highlighting a few artworks from our stockroom on this page.


Tired of working virtually, and endlessly starting at your screens? Why not give yourself a visual break and enjoy these works on paper, prints by some of Australia's acclaimed indigenous artists!


Solomon Booth (1981- ) was one of the young "rock stars" who put Torres Strait Island printmaking on the world map beginning around 2000. An expert woodcarver, he translates his drawings into intricate linocuts that bring to life traditional and cultural stories of his Moa Island home. Solomon is an award-winning artist, with his work included in major exhibitions in Australia, the US, and around the world. In this print, the ancestral lizard Karum is looking for a companion, but after stealing fruit from a group of women, he is turned to stone. The edition of 50 is sold out, so you have a rare chance to add this print to your art collection! It is priced at $495.

Minnie Lumai (1941- ) is a highly-respected elder from Kununurra in Western Australia. She creates luminous prints representing her mother's country in the Kimberleys, using the same hues as the rich colours she mixes herself for painting. One of twelve prints featured in the acclaimed Waringarri Suite produced in 2008, Minnie's is a gem, small in size, exquisite in design and color. The Suite was sold-out shortly after we attended the launch party for it in Darwin, so this, too, is a special opportunity to acquire an important work on paper, priced at $625.

Paddy Carlton (c.1926-2006) is one of the legends of Western Australia's Kimberley Mountains region. He learned cave painting as a young man, and based his paintings and prints on his extensive knowledge of the Miriwoong Gadgerriwoong people's ancient traditions. This lithograph in traditional ochre colors represents billabongs, rocks, and a large hill near Bullo River, where an ancestral snake being lived and travelled during the Dreamtime. Barwii is available for $950.

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