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Now Showing at Booker-Lowe through

Saturday, 16 December 2017. . .



Sandbeach Dreamings,

Contemporary Australian Aboriginal Paintings from

Lockhart River,


Artists from Lockhart River, the remote northeastern Queensland community at the very tip of the Great Barrier Reef, have rightly earned their place among the leading indigenous painters of Australia.  Booker-Lowe has hosted exhibitions of their work since 2004, and this year’s show will feature 26 paintings by ten established and emerging artists. 

Silas Hobson first visited Houston in 2004, and returns with highly-sophisticated compositions incorporating his signature spirit figures.  A member of the Kuuku’ Yau and Wuthathi language groups, Silas floats his ancestral forms on misty swirls of color, representing the importance of maintaining traditional life and values. 

Irene Namok began painting in 2009, with the encouragement of her daughter Rosella Namok, Lockhart River’s most-celebrated artist.  Irene quickly earned respect both in art and collector circles, with her inventive works that are cultural narratives expressing deep emotions in vivid splashes of color.  Born in the Torres Strait Islands, Irene belongs to the Kanthanampu language group.

Sandbeach Dreamings also includes new paintings by Rosella Namok, Fiona Omeenyo, and Elizabeth (Queenie) Giblet, Evelyn Omeenyo, Evelyn Sandy, Dottie Hobson, Margery Accoom, and Thelma Hobson.


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