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Booker•Lowe Gallery - Contemporary aboriginal fine art of Australia - Now showing

Saturday, 10 July Saturday, 11 September 2010


The Annual Affordable Australian Aboriginal Art Fair

Opening Reception:             3:00 6:00 p.m.
                                             Saturday, 10 July 2010

Booker-Lowe Gallery presents its yearly exhibition of Australian Aboriginal art priced under $1000., including paintings on canvas and linen, etchings and linocuts, and carved objects. The gallery, located at 4623 Feagan Street, Houston, will launch the show with an Open House, Saturday, 10 July, from 11 am 6 pm.

Nana Booker, who heads the gallery and serves as Australia's Honorary Consul/Texas, said, "Each year we present the works of leading and emerging artists, and the prices reflect the artists' reputations in the international marketplace. We 'shop' for our summer show when we travel to Australia, negotiating for these works by emerging artists, so we can offer them at accessible prices."

This year's A5, our Annual Affordable Australian Aboriginal Art Fair, features colorful new paintings from Ngurratjuta's central desert artists and framed black-and-white linocuts from the Torres Strait Islands, as well as paintings, prints, small carvings, and jewelry from the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

Founded in 2002, Booker-Lowe Gallery maintains the largest collection of artworks by leading and emerging Australian Aboriginal artists in the Americas. The gallery stocks hundreds of paintings and prints from the central and western deserts, Arnhem Land, the Torres Strait Islands and northeastern Queensland, the Kimberleys, the APY lands of South Australia, and coastal Western Australia. Booker-Lowe is the only non-Australian gallery member of Art.Trade, the Australian Indigenous Art Trade Association. The gallery is open 11 am 5 pm, Wednesday through Saturday, and by appointment.

Coming Soon . . .

Thursday, 23 September Saturday, 13 November

Warlu manu Ngapa Fire and Water: New Australian Aboriginal Paintings from Yuendumu

The Warlpiri people who call Australia's central desert home have inherited ancient Dreamings or myths about raging bush fires and "living" waterholes that never disappear. The elders and emerging artists paint their land, sharing the stories about raging fires that generate new growth and abundant wildlife, and the sources of water that enable survival in the harsh red heart of Australia.

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