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Booker•Lowe Gallery - Contemporary aboriginal fine art of Australia - Now showing

Thursday, 21 January – Thursday, 18 March 2010

Prints Charming
Introducing "The Waringarri Suite"

The first US exhibition of fine art etchings by senior and emerging Aboriginal Artists from Kununurra, Western Australia

Opening Reception:             5:30 - 7:30 p.m.
                                             Thursday, 21 January 2010

For Aboriginal art fanciers and fine art print collectors, the announcement of new works from one of Australia’s leading printmaking studios, Northern Editions at Charles Darwin University, is always reason for celebration. The introduction of The Waringarri Suite is no exception.

The senior indigenous artists of Waringarri Art Centre in Kununurra are world-renowned painters. They follow ancient traditions as they search dry creek beds for the richest red and gold clays called ochres, as well as white pipe clay or kaolin. Then, they grind the pigments into fine powders and mix them with modern fixatives, blending the colors to create their own distinctive palettes, which they use to depict their ancestral landscapes in contemporary fashion.

Recently, these artists turned their experienced hands to a different task, producing a suite of 13 hand-printed etchings in conjunction with Northern Editions, the printmaking studio of Charles Darwin University. The result of a series of workshops held during a sixteen-month period, the prints comprise a critically-acclaimed limited-edition collection. Booker-Lowe will present the works individually, matted and framed, as well offering the boxed folio set of 13 prints. Only fifty folios were produced.

Booker-Lowe Gallery is pleased to be the American representative for The Waringarri Suite, and will open the exhibition with a reception, 5:30-7:30 pm, Thursday, 21 January 2010, at the gallery, 4623 Feagan Street, Houston, Texas 77007. The reception will also officially launch Australia Week/Houston.

Always at Booker-Lowe . . .

Pippin Drysdale's Porcelains Arrive at the Australian Embassy in Washington DC

Sulphur Springs Tablescape - click to visit Pip's website

Booker-Lowe is proud to represent acclaimed Australian ceramist, Pip Drysdale, in the US, and shows her work on a regular basis. Pip has won countless awards, and has had important solo exhibitions in Japan, Germany, Belgium, France, India, Hong Kong, London, New Zealand, Russia, and throughout Australia.

The Australian Embassy in Washington DC, in conjunction with Booker-Lowe Gallery, will host Pip's first major US exhibition 10 February – 2 April 2010, and will showcase more than 200 stunning vessels and closed forms arranged in elegant tablescapes. Booker-Lowe will then bring part of the Embassy exhibition to Houston in late spring 2010.

Stay tuned to our website, or check out the new and exclusive website,, for images of the Embassy's exhibition and more information about Pip's Tanami Desert series, availability of works for purchase, etc.

Nana Booker
Honorary Consul of Australia

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