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Booker•Lowe Gallery - Contemporary aboriginal fine art of Australia - Now showing


Saturday, 11 April 2015, through Saturday, 13 June 2015

Desert Awakening:
Paintings by the Australian Aboriginal
Women of Ampilatwatja

For the indigenous women artists of this remote Sandover River area in Australia’s harsh Central Desert, the country-in-bloom appears on their canvases far more often than in their arid ancestral lands.

Nana Booker and David Lowe first visited the tiny cinder block art centre of Ampilatwatja in 2003, and were wowed by the diversity and quality of the paintings, all representing stories from the Dreamtime or creation era. A year later, the gallery owners returned and discovered a completely new style of painting, depicting the desert exploding in vibrant vegetation. At last, the rains had come, ending a years-long drought and inspiring the artists to create works full of life!

Within a year, these same artists had stopped painting in response to a series of devastating social problems in their community. Fortunately, by 2008, the women of Ampilatwatja had decided to paint again – and to paint their homeland at its most beautiful. From that moment forward this small collective has engaged art collectors and critics throughout Australia, in Asia, and here in the U.S., with their vivid renditions of the desert, rendered in precise dots and bold flashes of color.

Booker-Lowe is pleased to represent Ampilatwatja in the Americas, and to share with you this exciting new collection by award-winning and emerging artists, including Michelle Pula Holmes, Kathleen Nanima Rambler, Betty Pula Morton, Daisy Kemarre Moss, Josie Ngwarraye Ross, Julianne Ngwarraye Morton, Margaret Kemarre Ross, Rosemary Ngwarraye Turner, and Rosie Ngwarraye Ross.


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